Kelton Prima presents: Fruits of the Doom

Pizzico is happy to announce the extract from Tabernacle Ep2:

Including PEANUTS MOVE & COCONUTS GROOVE plus remixes!

We feel familiar with the coloured dance appeal of Kelton Prima by now. The man from Paris long time ago decided to cross the borders of French House mashing filters with Funk, Hip Hop and Electro. Fruits Of The Doom is the apotheosis of this hybrid: slapped basses and electronic feels are dancing together while bboy style sitting at the same table with House and Black, it’s not easy to blend all these elements with harmony and ease but Kelton Prima just does it in a simple way, and all you can do is dance.
Remixes are wicked: Craxi Disco from London harmonize the brass of Peanuts Move & Coconuts Groove with a tropical and weird melody permeated by a sexy voice that reminds us all to an italian record straight from the eighties, Mr. Spaventi instead turns Casa Banana into a kingdom italo disco groove, puissant, dark and close.
You gotta savor the juicy Fruits Of The Doom and (we promise) the night will taste sweeter..

Tabernacle Ep2 is available at best vinyl stores featuring Discodromo, Kelton Prima, Johnny Paguro, Marco Antonio Spaventi exclusive tracks!

Artwork by Baltimore Studio
Mastered at

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