11 febbraio 2015
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MA Spaventi – Trovati Qualcun Altro

MA Spaventi Trovati Qualcun Altro
After Tabernacle Experience MA Spaventi is finally back on Pizzico with awaited quality stuff.
Trovati Qualcun Altro means “Find Someone Else” in italian and it’s a more romantic track than what its sounds may suggest: rhythmic arps, a nocturnal allure, an alienating vocoder will lead you through a Blade Runner of the heart, and booty as well: Marco’s touch begins to be a thing in itself.
Upcoming project on Pizzico Billy Bogus & Kasillen remix uproaring: their old school electro touch merge with italo offal, the final seasoning is by a superbe Ambient Drone mix by Spaventi himself though, obscure, moody, danceable, foggy: it’s Pizzico baby.

Supported by: Erol Alkan, Pete Herbert, Kelton Prima, Dj Rocca, Justin Robertson, Local Suicide, Frank Agrario and more. You can find more infos about MA Spaventi at Baltimore Studio

You can preview or buy the release here

Artwork by all-around Paguro


2 dicembre 2014
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Stuart Evans is Les Diaboliques

John Coltrane & A Kick In The Eye

Spontaneous and uncompromising as the first beat animating the label, directly from Glasgow here comes Stuart Evans, one style halfway between dream, soundtrack for lysergic films and a kick in the eye, precisely.
Pizzico is pleased to delve into the darkness of a read and forgotten disco presenting a truly talented artist: Les Diaboliques.

John Coltrane And A Kick In The Eye sounds detached and unusual from the first listen: title track spacing out and bouncing from wave to a funky beat and almost electronic, Komische change course heading towards a casket full of liquid sharp blades and voices from beyond, Jupiter And Beyond ! A planet where a crude bass and an arpeggiator commenting on the dangerous escape of an antihero of space.
With Some Far Away Beach Les Diaboliques touches the tip of an esoteric mountain though, surrounded by the voice of none other than Emily McLaren also known as Michael Dracula (straight from legendary Ze Records if you please).
EP takes you on a journey between the unknown and evocative, confirming that hybrid sounds are often fascinating, stimulating some unconscious meander.

Citationist Artwork by Johnny Paguro for baltimorestudio.it Agency.

29 aprile 2014
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Pizzico announce two label nights including Hamburg (DE) and Milan (IT)

Baltimore Studio endorsing an indissoluble partnership with Pizzico records by now, is proud to announce two Label Nights in Hamburg and Milan on May 2014 featuring label head Billy Bogus as it stands most disco and mysterious funk traveller Kael Misko.

Here they are

16/05 – Unter_Null (Hamburg) RSVP
23/05 – 65mq (Milan)

Please note that both venues respectively are the most representative situations for  outstanding sounds and coolness in their cities, Unter_Null with its party history and 65mq for one of the best and heterogeneous djs schedules in Italy during 2013-14, oh yes.

Back to players

Misko’s first coming out on Pizzico was on 2011 with sexual I Want You ep, blending funk backgrounds with targeted + effective disco shots. Then a couple of stunning remixes for mr. Bogus precisely but it’s with Planet of Shrimps ep that german guy’s talent fully emerge from the black forest: tracks as Hypnotic Aerobic  and Spaceswag brought true elation in the crevices of disco world collecting words from Roberto Rodriguez, Pete Herbert, Rodion, Dj Rocca, Dj Morpheus and more sweet guys.
What to say about Billy Bogus now? He looks busy. Down with his new and no contemporary project The Caribbean House, truly buried alive in studio but let’s see what kind of light he will be able to carry out.. These two funny daze will see some anticipations no doubt!

Finally you can’t miss those boogie nights, Pizzico crew always give glimpses of REAL party, you already know that.

16 ottobre 2013
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Billy Bogus brings Pizzico to 65mq Milan

Happy to announce a new label night in Milan on friday 25th october, location sounds huge: a fancy club called 65metriquadri in the epicenter of city nightlife. Billy Bogus will drag a bag full of numbers and will got the good fortune to share the desks with Club Silencio.

After a stunning line up in october (including Ltj-xperience, Gino Grasso, Turpe and Dynamo Dreesen from Acido records) Billy is gearing up, get ready for a rocking night.

Like this page and get more infos

17 settembre 2013
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40 releases with Kael Misko!

[PN040] Kael Misko – Planet Of Shrimps by Pizzico Records

Tabernacle (5 years of Pizzico Records) present:

Kael Misko – Planet Of Shrimps

[PN040] as probably Yello would sing: OH YEAH! Cause forty releases have been reached..

An inspiring summer comes to an end but Tabernacle saga comes back affording a new chapter by Hamburg talent Kael Misko.
After a brilliant outset for Pizzico with the smashing single “I Want You” german guy is back with numbers, riding a white winged unicorn and ready to cut down evil dwarfs and misleading shrimps from “Das Nichts”..

Kings Of Magic walks a restless line: puissant cowbells, sweet but creepy atmospheres and a superfine vocoder will give relief to your contemporary confused mind. Hypnotic Aerobic is already a mastertrack, out on vinyl for Tabernacle EP3 it stands for a stunning crescendo and compelling drums!
Spaceswag play the same game with pressing beats, slapped funk and mysterious italic sounds, proving that Misko knows the subject of perfectly mixing groove with feelings.
The ep ends with a rocking version of Kings Of Magic by The Heels Of Love, owners of  Mad on the Moon records, part of totally precursive The Love Supreme, running amazing projects as Le Macchine they are undisputed masters of dirty house making: frisky synths mingle with rusty house beats whereas a rolling rhythm overcomes.

In autumn 2013 shrimps will invade planet earth: the ride is over.

Artwork by ubiquitous Albibello

TABERNACLE VINYL SERIES available at best worldwide record stores, grab your copies!

4 settembre 2013
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Pizzico is proud to announce Billy Bogus on the official line up of FESTIVAL FILOSOFIA 2013. The kermesse looks huge as the past years: this festival based on philosophical subjects (this year “LOVING” is the matter) boasts of best luminaries, professors, writers worldwide but also great djs and musicians. From the dawn of time, night belong to old and brand new clubbers, so here’s one of the main events to attend.

Billy is going to skirt one of the undisputed MAESTRO and creators of so-colled Cosmic Sound, DANIELE BALDELLI! Maybe ’cause he was the DJ of legendary discoteca COSMIC and Baia Degli Angeli, maybe he was a pioneer, starting as a dj in the early seventies and doing what no one was doing at the time: mixing kraut, synth pop and funk with afro rhythms, rock and who knows whatelse.. (post modern is not belonging to this era, let’s face it!), the fact is that it will be something magic: mr. Bogus will introduce his new project The Caribbean House with partner Federico Bologna (from Techno God) through a sort of live act, playing big atmospheres with live synths and a smooth selection of strange vibes. Mr. Baldelli will make you dance ’till night then you’ll gain a new understanding of what “loving” can mean..

Start: 9.30 p.m. FREE ENTRY, venue: SUN AGOSTINO (via Berengario 20, Modena, Italy).

For further infos: drop a line to info@pizzicorecords.com


1 luglio 2013
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The Aftermath – Summer EP

Pizzico proudly present

Johnny Paguro – The Aftermath

Includes Dj Rocca, Tony Tee, Montag The Vil remixes and a brand new track!

Pizzico back to disco, even better: brand nu disco.
Exactly one year ago some funny things happened: straight from Tabernacle compilation Johnny Paguro’s The Aftermath was the unexpected protagonist of many huge summer parties around the country but it was on vinyl only so young djs (likely inclined to technological developments) couldn’t play it. Then we decided to shape a digital release overflowing with crazy stuff and surprises … Because we just feel young and free like you guys!
Always time the track caught the attention of some big italian djs and producers as Dj Rocca (Ajello, Erodiscoteque) and Tony Tee (Katzuma, Chico MD) who fell in love with the track, madly. We asked them to remix it: with our great surprise and gratitude they have been kind, smart and prodigious. Talented fellow Montag The Vil got on the bus as well and and that was when Paguro leaped for real!

No needs to introduce Dj Rocca: kind of italian disco and electronic music legend, he runs lot of quality projects like Ajello, Crimea X and his own label DWDK with notorious A&R Peedoo. Recently remixed by Andrew Weatherall, true partner in crime of concrete icons like Daniele Baldelli and Dimitri From Paris with the cheerful pen name of Erodiscoteque, Rocca packs his version that  perfectly coincides with our idea of Summer: funky, sexy and possibly thoughtless; just play it and you’ll feel like fresh lime pounded in a glass.

Tony Tee‘s rework feels deep but in a sunny way: solar synths plunge in a tub of delayed percussions and enveloping bass grooves. A sexual whisper reminds us that the aftermath could also be positive and light-hearted, maybe. What a gift from one of the biggest italian (ex) rapper and a contemporary funk phenomenon.

House roughneck Montag The Vil gives his personal touch to the original bassline enriching the whole with Chicago rhythmics, pads straight from 90′s sunsets and hints of Detroit feelings. Nothing hard, just an amazing re-version full of atmosphere and old school energy for aware pool parties.

Not finished yet: startling B side, exclusive song by Johnny Paguro is ending the hearty package. The title seems to invite all the good music lovers to take a break from uncertain things in life, enjoying beautiful people and music.. After all it’s summertime! So Hold On guys: reverberated percs pave the way to an odd ravy synth, please bathers throw your cold salads and dance this pure gem..

We can’t forget the original clothes of The Aftermath, finally available on digital format. Nothing to add: just a hit, maybe too good for this confused era..
The Aftermath is Tabernacle at its peak, as well as the EP of this summer with its crack remixes. If you don’t agree you better blind you in your closet with something like EDM. No hard feelings.

Artwork by Johnny Paguro himself
check johnnypaguro.com

29 maggio 2013
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Brunito (needs a) Relighter

Pizzico uncosmic dept. present:

Brunito – Relighter

including Johnny Paguro, Billy Bogus, BadCRC remixes

[release date: 2013/05/29, Beatport Exclusive]

As you well know Pizzico really looks down on labels and music categories.. But what probably you didn’t know is that Pizzico ‘deus ex machina’ Billy Bogus got a pen name focused on more techy-electro sound flavours as this outlandish single shows.
The track Relighter was created for an italian fashion brand on purpose, then it was scrupulously arranged and a couple of eroic friends/producers (as Billy himself) remixed it, thinking of any kinds of gorgeous dancefloor, whether they exist or not exist (you know Pizzico doesn’t mind about this kind of concrete things too).

Original beats seem to respect kind of electro and house parameters but when ‘refrain’ comes you finicky dancer will notice a more funny/manifold whole of sounds that express Brunito ‘s background: funk, house, italo disco, old school breakbeat.. Song refrain is the TV  commercial climax but all the track remains so danceable with a bully groove!

Label equerry and talented producer Johnny Paguro, esteemed bully sounds lover, unexpectedly turns Relighter into a funky drummer version with saxy cues, so sweet and suitable for disco maniacs.. But there’s another big surprise:
enigmatic BadCRC makes it more contemporary than the minute you now spending on reading this press release, something dubby, downtempo and finely electronic came out from the Red Bull Music Academy graduated artist Fabio Brocato who’s spending a little time on this new project, defo looking forward to hear more exciting sounds from this one!
Brunito returns in the guise of Billy in a while though, just offering a quite insane reconstruction of the track, full of wicked disco injections, unlikely choirs, detroit far calls: please mind the second part and try it on the floor when you feel fearless!

Artwork is by official Benny Benassi visual artists: Framedealer crew,
and you can also watch the TV commercial at this link

Please stop saying that the beautiful model is more awesome than the music soundtrack, because it’s absolutely true… Damn.

9 aprile 2013
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Pizzico in Madrid, disco sucks meet the pizzicombo

No doubt Spain knows hot to make a disco night “sexy”, for this and many other reasons we’ re really proud to announce our official label night @ one of the top listed clubs in Madrid: Siroco. From Midnight to “nowhen” head Billy Bogus  and promising label star Montag The Vil will bring forth some of the weirdest vibes around, helped by Disco Sucks solid crew: Robert Calvin (Turbo Records) and Insert Coin will show you how to make your partner hot on the dancefloor.

Pre celebrations are taking place @ Discoteca, a really fancy lounge bar near the club, Billy & Montag at the desks again for your pleasure.. the night promises to be long and gorgeous, so start NOW to get excited!

You can get more infos visiting Siroco official website.



25 marzo 2013
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Richard Rossa / Top Hat (In Flagranti, Monitor 66, Rambla Boys remixes)

Feeling excited to introduce the first extract of the third and last Tabernacle Ep. We already spoke about Richard Rossa e his feats onto the swedish disco scene. Now his ardent work takes shape through this killer tool called Top Hat ep, finally including the original track (missing on Tabernacle vinyl), sounding groovy, magnetic, cold, biting as a pure northern gentleman.

Included also are the unrestrainable In Flagranti mix (on the vinyl) bringing a wicked disco breeze, sectioning drops and attacks, accompanying us to a ‘discoteca chiusa’ at sunshine… And the Monitor 66′s version. Just two words about this provocative swedish project also out for the quality House Of Disco label: Monitor 66 use to say ‘We make sunset inspired music with funky basslines’ but there’s someting more, something sexy and deep, just listen to their version and you’ll know.

Not enough for the workaholics Tabernacle monkeys: here an incisive b side,  Cosmopolitics, moving through distortion, italo moods, fat claps and a trail of european uncertainty.. Rambla Boys are the icing on the cake, their version of the track is made on an evocative crescendo straight to a deep explosion on a concrete cosmo-beach. After amazing remixes for Black Strobe, Ben Mono and a sexy single with Stee Downes the guys from Venice break the bank with the freshest groove.

Artwork by baltimorestudio.it

11 marzo 2013
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Pizzico showcase / friday 15

Five years and the party still goes on…

Billy Bogus & Johnny Paguro tuning their new performance made on a solid whole of  cuts, samples, odd sounds, patterns and quotes, drawing from the label releases as from their streaked background: hip hop, disco and techno. Only God can judge them…

Next chance to see the guys at work? It’s very close..

Friday the 15th of March / Lemonade party (Tube Club – Modena),

a fresh venue that recently invlolved numbers as In Flagranti, Stevie Kotey, Metro Area, Hot Chip and nothing less than Sir Weatherall.

See more on facebook and see you there!



30 gennaio 2013
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Avanti are full of meaning..

Avanti – Full of Meaning (feat. Zhanna)
Including Frank Agrario and Club Silencio remixes

After the big success of early single Back to Rapture, the label says a warm-hearted welcome back to Avanti collective, thanks to this super sexy, brand new ep called Full Of Meaning, and that’s what it definitely is.
First of all Zhanna is back to vocals for your pleasure: always charmant, sexy and with something to say, her style perfectly fits the contemporary beats of the mexican duo, swinging between elettronica and italo disco trains.
Remixes are crazy even more than the first time: dude Frank Agrario, already out for Prins Thomas’ benchmark Internasjonal and Bearfunk with the amazing live band called The Bank, made two glamourous versions of the track; the two remixes name look eloquent, just try them on the floor: drums, cowbells and a fat groove, you wouldn’t need more.
Milan based Club Silencio, early italian contemporary disco exciters, offer their dopalistic version full of strange atmospheres, vintage dry percussions and re-treated vocals, totally druggy & funny.
That would seem enough but you know it’s never enough. So here’s one more track to end the packege, delighting your ears n’ butts with its vocal shuffle: who’s that lady? Hey dj, just spin this sound and you’ ll get answers about that eerie dancing lady on the floor..

Published by New Model Label
Arwork by baltimorestudio.it